If you’re looking for a great mix of classic hits in East Texas, Chalk Hill Communications has the music for you!

Locally owned and operated, Chuck Conrad has been programming classic hits for the airwaves for almost 20 years.

About Us

In one way or another, Chuck Conrad has been in the sound production business for the majority of his life. As a teenager visiting East Texas, he listened to the local radio station KGRI, which was broadcast out of Henderson. Here, he befriended and learned from local DJ legend Tom Perryman. In college, Chuck worked in radio and TV production, eventually going into the concert sound industry. After owning his own sound company in Dallas for 30 years, he decided in 2000 to move to East Texas where he got interested in low power FM radio. Chuck was one of the first five people in Texas to be granted an FCC license to operate a low power station, which he did from Lake Cherokee. This was the birth of QXFM where Chuck would play his quirky mix of hits from the ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, to the enjoyment of his local audience.

When the FCC began offering licenses for FM translators, Chuck applied for–and eventually got–three of them: 101.9 out of Longview, 105.3 out of Kilgore and 107.9 out of Henderson. This extended audience led to the purchase of Chuck’s first commercial station, 100.3, which became the new home of QXFM. Several years later when KDOK’s AM station was offered up for sale, Chuck took the opportunity to expand his brand. He purchased the station, changed its music format to play classic hits from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s, and housed that blend of tunes at the AM station as well as on his translator stations.

Chuck’s mission with his radio stations has always been to fill the musical gap left in the East Texas airways. Playing the unique mix of crooners, Motown and easy listening with a sprinkle of the unconventional, Chuck’s locally programmed, authentic mix of music is always a hit for those who ‘remember when,’ as well as those who have just found that sound–and everyone in between.

If you love the offbeat mix of hits from the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s on QXFM or the funky blend of classic rock on KDOK, you might be our kind of sponsor! Call 903-643-7711 or email Chuck at chuck@qx-fm.com to see how your business can advertise on our airwaves!